Pain From Not Cracking?

  • I have noticed if I do not crack some joints, my back, legs, knees, shoulders, or elbows especially, I often times feel so much pain that cracking them is needed.

    I can perform a crack that is kind of rare, I can crack my (probably some ligament, not a joint) lower leg. From cracking it, it feels like the front of my calf and about three inches above my ankle. Anyways, if I don't crack that, I'll have so much pain all over my calves that I have to stop whatever I'm doing and crack it. The pain develops usually during and after work where I have to stand up and do physical labour all day.

    I've also noticed my lower back gets very tight if I do not crack it. Once cracked, I feel a sense of extended range of motion in my back and more strength while lifting stuff.

    Does anyone else ever feel pain in joints that need attention? Is this possibly all the the head?

    I don't feel like it is all in the head as I do feel a lot better after cracking them.

  • I will say that I have the same problem, but only in my knees. Especially when I first get up in the morning, but at various times during the day, it almost feels like my knee comes out of the socket and I have to pop it back in. I can't even walk on it when it gets that way until I twist just a little and there is a huge (definatley the loudest of all of my joints) crack and then I feel fine.

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    I can totally relate to this.

    The experienced pain / pressure / discomfort when not cracking is next to my compulsion the only reason why I keep cracking and cracking.

    Cracking relieves the pain but it will only get worse after that.

  • I feel numbness in my joints if i dont crack them.

  • I wouldn't say pain if i don't crack my joints, more discomfort.

  • I agree they feel pretty uncomfortable for me..

  • And aggrovating.

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