Cracking the actual foot itself

  • i think i am able to crack the middle of my foot. if i fold my foot in half (usually by pushing my foot on the ground, or by pushing down the middle of my foot with my hand), i feel it crack in the middle of my foot. i have no idea what im cracking when i do this, i think perhaps the joints between the metatarsals and the cuneiform. is this even possible ? maybe im cracking something else. help ?<3

  • strange.. i've never known the middle of the foot to click..

  • i can do tha too-put only on my right foot

  • yep i'm on the team
    my foot cracks also
    i believe that, for me anyway, it's the cuneiforms
    because there is more than one pop
    there are several joints in the foot so it's hard to tell

    click the pics to see joints of the foot

  • Thanks for the link..
    ouch does cracking the actual foot hurt? my toes click but the actual foot, that sounds real painful lol!

  • No it's beautiful.
    It usually comes when it feels like it.
    Not daily.
    and is multiple cracks in 1 movement.
    And is achieved by simply standing, plantar flexing my foot w the toes on the ground extended, w the other knee locked,
    as if you were standing on your tippy toes on one foot
    and the other foot is flat on the ground, knee locked

  • eew :? lol

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