• Hi everybody,

    I want to know your thoughts on cracking your back. I crack my back knuckles, elbow, toes, hips, ankles, etc. I know it is a nervous habit and I crack very compulsively everyday for like ten years. I am mostly concerned with cracking my back. I do it like 5 times a day and it feels unbelieveably amazing, especially in the morning and at night. My spine even looks like its slightly curving inward at my lower back(or maybe I'm just being crazy) Anyway, does anyone know any harm cracking your back can do? Also, I haven't cracked my back in 48 hours and I am white-knuckling it all the way. Any suggestions on how to help?

  • I've been cracking my fingers (amongst other things) for over 10 years literally in the last month or so I've started to crack my back at the top, by pushing my shoulder blades inwards behind me and arching my back and it feels so good! I think it's unlikely that you are doing any harm as long as it doesn't hurt but it's an annoying habit and also worrying - for me I'm bothered about a knuckle which is really hurting this evening :?
    My back doesn't bother me as it's only small cracks and it relieves stress at work. I just don't know how to give it up - that's why I joined this site! For tips! Although I've got little chance as the new junior at work - who sits directly in front of me - cracks his knuckles really loudly and it's like yawning! When he cracks I crack without even thinking!

  • I crack my back, too. Usually only in the morning and at night. It really does feel great - especially at night! I don't feel much pain after cracking my back, but sometimes it feels like there's pressure on it for a few seconds afterwards. I didn't know if that was normal or not? I still continue to crack, but I've been trying not to do it much in school (it annoys the crap out of everyone!). Anyways, does anyone know if it's normal to feel slight pressure on your back after cracking it?

  • i crack my back too and i sometimes try to relieve the addiction by moving my head in a circular motion, just doing small circles.

  • I've been able to crack my back up to 16 times (8 by twisting my back around "exorcist style" and 8 by pushing forward with a fist above the small of my back). Are there any more joints or is that it for the back?

  • That is one place I am having trouble clicking. I want to make the firecracker sound but I am not getting anything ğŸ˜ž

  • anonymouscracker - there is a normal inward curve at the lower part of your spine. the entire spine is S shaped when viewed from the side.

    I have to crack my neck/midback/lowerback before I can fall asleep. horrible addiction, but it feels so good..

    I have heard from a family friend (chiropracter) that it is harmful to twist your back, like jstephens4 mentioned the "exorcist style." But not too bad to crack it front to back (like leaning over the back of a chair, or pushing your back with your fists). I do the latter, and it feels great. I used to twist my back a lot, but I had a lot of sharp back pains (nerve). after I stopped, they all went away.

  • I have found that the best way to crack my back is to put my palms on the top of my buttocks (so that the fingers are pointing down and the end of my palm is at my waist). Then I bend backwards. It is amazing! Everything pops - hips, lower back, upper back, everything. It's great.

  • @Robiscool:

    That is one place I am having trouble clicking. I want to make the firecracker sound but I am not getting anything ğŸ˜ž

    Ideally on a school chair - sit straight up and then lean back over it - guaranteed crack.

  • About when you crack your backs

    I only crack it at school because that is where the chairs are that are the ideal for it.

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