• Just a rubbishy intro really. I'm 21 and have been cracking my knuckles since I was 9 I think, certainly when I was 10 I did (know this because of a stupid memory I won't bore you with!).
    I've joined here because I had no idea there was a "community" and I'm so pleased there is! I thought it'd really help to talk to other crackers!
    I really want to stop but just don't know how, it feels kinda good and also I barely notice I'm doing it half the time. Also have slight OCD tendencies, I can't click one hand and not the other, I feel uneven and out of balance somehow. Which ruins the "stop once you realise you're doing it" theory.
    Is it a psychological addiction, or physical? I don't even know! I don't feel pain if I don't do it, although somehow my fingers do feel "better" when they've clicked.
    I also crack the first joint up my finger (managed to quit doing the last joint), my wrists, back, toes, knees and sometimes ankles.
    Basically although I've now read that it doesn't increase risk of arthritis I am concerned about joints swelling and as I've been doing this over 10 years already I think I need to stop!
    Hoping somebody can help…
    Lisa :!: :!:

  • interesting about the OCD, hope someone can help - welcome

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