The newest little oyster…

  • hey fellow crack-addicts
    when i first came on, i thought all this talk about crack and joints was actually a drug page….and then i thought it was a plumber thing...but no, it is the Kingdom of Crack, or Crackdom, if you will.
    i first knew i was a crack-addict when i was in a production, and i was sitting on stage in front of a full house, and I cracked my knuckles into my little microphone, making that delicious popping sound echo around the entire theatre, and the entire crowd made that 'ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh' sound. it made me happy on the inside.
    i crack every crackable part of my body, and take pleasure in cracking other people's knuckles. i used to be a push-puller cracker, but i have converted to the fist push, as it's a lot more intimidating to non-crackers and people smaller than me.
    looking forward to the crackversations...i'm sorry, i have to stop with the puns now...


  • can you crack your back/neck?

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