Yoga and Pilates

  • there are literally dozens of styles/schools
    I've been practicing for 8 years and still am learning new styles like
    If you want fast instead of slow it already exists
    check into: hatha vinyasa yoga, ashtanga yoga, and especially Jivamuktia yoga.

    jivamukti yoga is like yoga boot camp
    it's hard to keep up
    you have to be very strong and have endurance
    and you will be pushed to the limits of your strength and willpower
    if you take a class

    No walk in the park there homeboy,
    Bod8 i'd be surprised if you could keep up in a jivamukti class
    it would probably break you 😛
    I've only tried it once or twice
    and it almost broke me
    but I' looking forward to the next one

    ps the jivamukti style for me did not facilitate cracking. it moved to fast.
    it was great, but something slower(but prob still faster than your thinking) like vinyasa instigates Lots of cracking , at least for crackers.

  • Ok i mean Michael Jordan - he is past his prime after Chicago Bulls…then went to Washington Wizards to help out.

    Yoga though - if you are like the only 14-18 year old with like 30 year old women - a lil weird?

  • its all in your head Blaze
    where do you get the idea that it's just 30yr old women?
    yoga is for all ages
    find a teen yoga class they exist
    go to a gym(although thats less traditional yoga, and more like areobics)
    there are always younger people in those classes
    wait til your 30 , i don't care
    practice at home w dvd or tv instruction
    I do all the time
    You need a teacher to help in the beginning
    to get your postures straight

    They don't bite. At least not in class.
    Blaze when you see a 30 yr old woman coming down the street do you drop your books and run. LoL
    I bet you do.

  • Ok one - i don't walk down the streets holding books - more hands in pockets, ipod on etc. Or cycling about no hands and skidding.

    2: Im not scared - just i don't see many advertisements for teen yoga classes.

    3: The gym is closest and most accessible for me where i play squash - #1 in youth league 😎

  • I'm not here to push Yoga
    I'm just saying I now use yoga stretches to crack as well as stretch
    and if you like cracking half as much as me yoga can teach you the best and safest ways to crack.
    Thanks for backing me up Kyle
    I knew I couldn't be the only one
    Kyle's wright "feels Great"
    thats the bottom line

    BLAZE IS SCARED OF 30yr OLD Women 😢

  • Ok MC - let's go with that.

    Thanks for the biting thing.


  • so sensitive
    My apologies
    Blaze when i was 14 i was in Love with 30yr old women
    it's ok your not
    but you shouldn't let that stop you from learning safe ways to crack and stretch

  • w/e dude.

    You are right…i have way too much free time. Maybe i should start just revising and learning. I need the extra knowledge in maths, german and sciences.

    Why apologise? Your right.

  • stretching really helps with joint health. since i started doing yoga, my back and knee problems were lessened.

  • for me no, i stretch to lessen the stiffness especially in my back but it doesn't take the urge out to crack. i seriously need help.

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