Can u pa* s this Hypermobility Syndrome test?

  • I am young enough and have foot problems, too. The feet are too flexible. I was diagnosed with flat feet at 21 (uncommon to have at that age) and later plantar fasciitis, after one long walk :?. But the plantar fasciitis never went away, because it's actually something worse and not something arch supports can fully alleviate. It took a few doctors and two MRIs to figure that out. If I were you, I'd take a hard look at Ehlers Danlos. FYI, I don't bruise easily and can't do #5 (my 1 point) to the extreme you can, but my skin is softer than what's normal for peers. You can PM me if you want an opinion based on more information; I've become good at noticing the signs and symptoms.

  • @jpad:

    I'm just picking on you because you're the youngest. When I was your age 30 seemed very far away. Maybe not "old", but "older".

    Picking on me! Cyber-bullying! Provocation! Antagonisation!


  • @Blaze:

    Lol why say me? How do you know what i think :P

    I don't comment on every thread, Bod8 comments on a lot and i see no point in responding to a smiley face, or yes, or i agree.

    sorry! :roll: :) :D lol

  • Everything but 4. I guess that leave me with a 7–the number of perfection. :)

  • Can't do any of it lol …and i've been cracking my joints (knuckles, especially) for MANY years.

  • sorry forgot i posted in this forum already…some delete this post, please? :D

  • 1, 4 and 5. Painful too.

  • I can do 5 pretty easily on all fingers, and come very, very close to doing 4 as well.

  • I can't do any of them. I can't even reach my ankles in 1! I've been popping my joints for about 18 years. I guess you either have it or you dont ^.^

  • I can do all of them, and I never knew that was abnormal.


  • I got 6 pts. #2 #4 and #5. #4 is extremely easy for me, and something my boyfriend marvels at. :lol:

  • It still amazes me how people are proud of being able to crack, I can crack but wish I couldn't crack, although I'm seemingly in the minority.

  • I scored 9 out of 9 and suffer enormously. I'm in constant agony and would like to know a good way to relieve it! X

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