Relationship between back cracking and injury

  • man we have gone so far off-topic in this thread lol!
    thats what i like about this forum though,its relaxed :)

    so, does getting punched in the back at school cause you to have a rice crispie back? i think yes :x

    lol it would be funny if that was an a level biology essay or something and you had to refer to Bod8 in your answer :P

  • I don't think being punched in the back does - just unlucky if it does.

  • have you ever been punched in the back though?
    i mean a proper thump - it really hurts and if thats not what started my neck cracking i dont know what did…

    but a message to you all - protect your neck and back as much as possible in my opinion thats really important

  • Nope, have been hurt though because of bundles.

  • yeah i guess that is kind of what it was.
    man at the extreme end i guess people could break their necks and die during rough sports…. man...

  • Yep - rugby is one.

    The thing with bundles is even if you say stop, noone is going to listen. Worst case scenario is that all the older kids and everyone on the field sees and runs and just jumps on you.

  • oh man that must hurt

  • Immensly

  • ouch!

    anyway, have we come to the conclusion that getting thumped in the back like I did causes back cracking?

    especially this really stiff/tight part in the right side of my neck that i never had before that event..

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