Does stretching your toes and neck help lessen cracking?

  • I read this somewhere online, but was wondering what you guys thought?

  • I guess if you are cracking to relieve stiffness, then stretching will have the same effect.

    As for stretching muscles reducing cavitation in joint capsules, its hard to see the connection, although I am not a doctor by any means.

  • lol yeah but you have the same opinion as me, i'm a bit sceptical about it :?

  • All the neck stretches I do make my neck crack while I do them, so… :?:

  • Haha I know what you mean all too well :lol:

  • I think that a moderate amount of cracking is okay. If your neck or spine or whatever cracks while you are doing stretches that say, a physical therapist would recommend, I'd say its unavoidable. One for the neck that I like is putting your palm against the side of your head and then pushing against it (with your head). Always good for a couple healthy cracks a day. i think you get into trouble when you start really wrenching things just to get that unattainable pop or release.

  • yeah you have to have a limit, the neck is pretty fragile or so i'm told :?

  • Yeah i always see people w Fragile necks walking around. lol
    Every time you do an action to get a crack , you are actually Stretching.
    If you stretch your neck , slowly and calm , you are reducing your chance of straining you neck muscles.
    Be 'in your body'
    When you thrust your neck around to get cracks you may strain a muscle, but it would be Minor.
    Neck pain is part of life, because the neck is in such constant use, it is very common, cracker or not to experience neck pain from time to time.
    Chronic/constant neck pain is a condition. Usually associated w an injury.

    i believe stretching your neck is necessary and healthy, a tight or stiff neck is prone to injury or severe strain. like bruising, swelling and loss of mobilization.

    Mellow neck stretch , that may induce cracking:

    Take a long, slow ,deep breath in, on the exhale
    Bring L ear to L shoulder slowly
    bring the L hand on the top of the head, fingers close to R ear
    take another deep breath and on the exhale stretch further using the weight of your hand to GENTLY pull you further.
    Know your limit and stop in your comfort zone.
    Stay for a few breaths, and relax, then do the other side

    This is simple Lateral Flexion, the neck is designed to do this action/stretch.
    Much better than just whipping your neck around to get cracks. :idea:

  • Works a treat! Thanks! A few nice cracks. That's the first time my neck has gone!

  • Sweet
    mellow, gentle stretches reduce chance of neck pain
    from cracking anyway πŸ˜„

  • you mean like looking around in a circle, that sort of stretch?

  • Well i referred (yes at 14 years old) a man to go to his GP with, i presumed hypermobility in his neck - and was right, to get neck excercises and he did and i was right, however the neck strengthening excercises, when i tried to do one, makes my neck do one of those small cracks.

    Said ^^^^ many a time lol

  • you should become a doc, you've obviously got some talent there πŸ™‚

  • Nah, i learnt that on internet and MC just says that is wrong.

    However i am not interested in that stuff.

    More in helping people - like police, army - things like that.

  • cool

  • actually blaze because of you I read about hypermobility and hypermobility syndrome on wikipedia

    the latter being a disorder

  • and….

  • "Some people have hypermobility with no other symptoms or medical conditions. However, people with hypermobility syndrome may experience many difficulties. "

    so hypermobility is perfectly normal
    hypermobility SYNDROME is a disorder, w a list of potential problems

    Neither mention Cracking joints being associated to them.
    Nor weak tendons or ligament springs.

    but it's relative and interesting info πŸ˜‰

  • Of course it won't have about jointcracking relation on there as the person who wrote it may not know about this and it isn't well known and there are those who think it isn't related.

  • yeah i read online that soaking toes in hot water is supposed to relieve inflammation of tendons. i also read that ice packs do the same..

    bit weird that hot and cold do the same thing isn't it? πŸ˜›

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