Dr Karl on Knuckle Cracking

  • a difference in grip sure
    4x times though
    no way

  • @MasterCracker:

    Hey what else goes on a Vegemite sandwich , other than vegemite, any one know?

    Just margarine usually. Sometimes cheese.

    Anyhow, if cracking really does have such an effect on grip strength, you have to wonder what would happen to the spine. I mean, you don't exactly grip things with your back.


    ABC = Australian Broadcasting Corporation

  • Isn't there an American version aswell?
    Probably American Broadcasting Corporation lol

  • Wow
    woodoo whens the last time you had one of those sandwiches ? Be honest.
    If I was going to have one w margarine , what brand of vegimite would you recommend?

    As for spinal strength and cracking.
    I crack my spine daily , multiple times a day
    by stretching and working out
    I am hella flexible and believe my spine is strong and healthy
    because of that

    ever get inverted?
    headstands, handstands, etc
    it can let the spine relax, and change gravity/pressure on the spine
    feels great , sometimes cracks.

  • Personally I don't like vegemite on sandwiches, probably ate too many of them as a kid. I do like it on toast or saladas though.

    I think the problem is that when people try it for the first time, they spread it like jam or peanut butter. Vegemite that thick tends to be rather unpleasant.

    It should look something like this;


    No doubt an acquired taste.

    As for knuckle cracking, I would think that grip strength is a function of the health of the ligaments, as well as muscle strength. Maybe the repetitive stretching beyond the passive range of motion eventually causes the ligaments to become more lax, resulting in the reduced grip strength

    I haven't cracked my back by handstanding, but sometimes by rolling on my spine, or even just lying on a flat hard surface, it will crack.

  • So i've been thinking, maybe I Can understand how some grip strength would be lost by a cracker who did not work out or was not very physically active. although 4x is hard to swallow.

    But it's more been my experience, that if you do workout and stretch(yoga) that not only do ligaments/muscle become more flexible, they become Stronger with greater ROM and with less chance of injuries like sprain, strains, or tears.

    Woodoo thanks for the pic, now i know how to make a traditional vegemite sandwich.
    would you recommend the kraft brand?
    acquired taste for sure. It's been years, decades maybe.

  • I wonder if it's the same as our Marmite? You either love it or hate it, which I do.

  • wikipedia says marmite is just like vegimite.

    now i'm gonna have to have a vegimite marmite sandwich

  • I haven't tried Marmite, but I think its stronger than Vegemite. Vegemite now belongs to Kraft, all the other brands are copies. I wouldn't be surprised if the taste a little different.

    The most important thing is that you can get the jar open…

  • Stronger than vegimite.
    I'd start slow.

  • I personally haven't noticed any reduction in my grip strength. If am I less strong it isn't by much. I'm not a total couch potato, but I don't exercise as regularly as I'd like to either.

  • same as jpad :)

  • 1: Vegemite - that does not look very nice - it looks like mold.

    2: I have noticed a big difference in my grip since cracking and no, i was never exceptionally weak. I think it is due to the tendons.

    3. ABC - yeh there is an american one too - if you go on itunes you will see some of their programmes that you can buy - us British get ripped off by their stupid prices. Like £1.89 a tv episode which is like $3.60.

  • Exactly jpad
    I could see an argument that a flexible crackers hand has less "grip strength" , however thats measured ??, but 4x??
    Non crackers would be able o crush skulls with 4x the grip

  • MasterCracker, when you do the hand/headstands, how long do you stay inverted?

  • wow i've never been able to do handstands!

  • Yeh - i once ran and did a front flip - jeez that hurt when i landed.

  • I do handstand or head stands for as long as feels right. Or until i fall. LoL.Maybe a couple of mins. doesn't always bring cracks but 1 is fun, 2 changes gravity on your spine 3 gets blood flowing + circulating. Headstand are easier than handstands. Great for building strength and balance.


    Bod8 use a clear wall to practice head/hand stands.
    I had to for a few months before I could balance myself.

  • interesting thanks mastercracker!

  • ABC = the Australian Broadcasting Commission. It's a TV channel here in Aus.

    Also, vegemite is great and I can't believe those of you who are so ignorant of other cultures and US-centric that you condemn a food before ever even tasting or experiencing it. There are culinary cultures apart from your own, you know.

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