Doctors opinion on cracking

  • Well i say things a lot.

    Hmmmm…. well i have a story.

    Well i cracked a finger of a friend who had never cracked their finger and it hurt them a lot for ages and made them want to crack other fingers as it didn't feel right. Well, his dad when looking at his hand trying to help him the next day, accidentaly cracked it and no more nasty feeling or desire to crack.

    Maybe something was dislodged etc.

  • that's the thing, there needs to be more research etc. into this area i reckon :lol:

  • I second reckon
    Whilst reconciling.

  • I don't know why there hasn't been more research, bones and joints are a pretty important part of the body.

    I guess the way society works its life threatening stuff that gets priority.. :cry:

  • Obviously :lol:

  • yeah i think doctors should take joint-cracking more seriously

  • Yep, this has been said many a time but it won't happen atm.

  • will do when i become prime minister :) lol joke

  • Lol you have a race with many others. :lol:

    Every time i click on a new post, it takes me to the bottom where the topic review bit is :?

  • you've lost me..

  • Dw

  • haha ok. i've just noticed there's not that many threads in this Diagnosis board. Can anyone think of any more thread titles?
    Would be nice to get some more discussion going, maybe even a classic MC vs. Blaze debate lol

  • When he is available then i will if he wants to choose the debate.

  • how about i start a great debate post?

  • If MC agrees to it then yes.

  • well i can't actually think of a topic atm so never mind lol

  • Ok lol

  • this is a very interesting thread, so thought i'd bump it 8)

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