New cracker

  • Well if we're introducing our selves…

    I'm Anna, 18, and been cracking for a few years. I frequently do my toes, ankles, back, neck wrists, fingers (particularly fingers coz I'm a musician), thumbs and my FAVOURITE - the jaw. Jaw is so satisfying, I wish I could do it more than a couple of times a day...


  • I can't understand how people can crack their jaws.

    What instrument do you play?

    I used to play guitar and clarinet and when playing the guitar for even 15 mins would hurt my fingers after after.

  • Welcome, percush.

  • Ah yeh my bad lol - welcome 😉 :lol:

  • I'm a percussionist, Blaze. Also play a bit of ukulele and piano, but I'm studying percussion. I can relate to getting sore fingers when playing the guitar at first but eventually you develop callouses or at least get used to the feeling of the strings.

    The jaw crack is amazing though. It used to happen like once every six months or so and it felt so amazing one day that I attempted to manipulate my jaw just by chewing etc untill I taught myself how to do it - I can only do it once or twice a day now, and for a few hours after each crack I can hear/feel liquid in the joint. Probably a really bad thing but it feels so good.

  • Once every 6 months!!!!!!

    Oh, so then your fingers have adapted to it.

    Probably is bad then and if you find you can do it more then you have done something.

    The theory behind hypertension is that your tendons are like springs. When you crack, the spring gets looser and starts unwinding and then the muscle takes more weight to sustain the part.

    Something like that i guess.

  • Hello percush 😉

    welcome to the world of crack happy web surfers.

    you'll find some different points of view here, but we are united through our cracking.

    I have been cracking for well over 20 years and believe it to be normal, natural, healthy, hereditary, fun and relaxing.

    I also love to play guitar. I usually crack all my knuckles before playing by interlacing and STRETCHING my fingers. This also promotes the flexibility of the fingers for playing. THIS never causes me any pain. Repetitious picking and finger exercising can cause me pain sometimes, when the metrenome is turned way up,but it's usually worth it.
    Oh yeah Acoustic guitars can make your fingers hurt, i usually play electric, but there also worth the pain.

    I am able to crack most joints in my body. many of them crack from simple movements throughout a day others through systematic stretching.
    Since I've been on this site I have heard of 2 joints cracking (actually 4 because they are bilateral) that never have cracked for me: The jaw and the Sternum.

    Care to share HoW your cracking your jaw?
    Do you use your hands?
    Do you just open really wide or is it side to side like?
    Do both sides crack at the same time?
    and Welcome

  • Well my jaw crack is a pretty interesting one… I definitely don't use my hands at any point, it's just mouth/jaw movement - a side to side rather than opening wide movement.

    Usually when a crack is coming on for about half an hour i can feel tension in that joint, and I repeatedly attempt to crack it/tense it by moving the jaw around. Eventually, it finally cracks and feels amazing. Sides crack separately however it's usually my right side (my left is a lot more infrequent). I can definitely feel when a crack is coming on in my jaw, and what side this tension is coming from.

    Amazing feeling.

  • Cool
    You must have very flexible jaw muscles.
    So if you move your jaw sideways to the left, would you crack the left side or the right?

  • I still don't understand how people can crack their jaws :?

  • Thats what were trying to figure out here.

    How to crack your jaw.
    Then once you understand you can tooo.

  • Lol i know.

    It's just i am kind of halfsies. I want to but then i might get addicted to it and from different sources it is very annoying when you can't get the crack.

  • You'll survive. Be brave. Crack fearlessly.

  • Lol nope.

  • you know you want to.

  • Nope

  • still practicing my jaw

    no results yet

  • I guess it will take a while…

  • Does it feel as if there is a tensing etc in the joint? Can you feel a possible crack in the making?

    I've realised that it's not as much a side to side motion as a pushing my jaw forwards movement.

    It's hard to explain but so d**n good.

  • well thanks 4 trying to explain
    trust me , i'll keep trying for the crack
    my jaw is not that flexible
    It's actually usually tight

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