Incredible discomfort.

  • cool i wish i had insurance.. are you in the UK by the way?

  • nope, US, with our Wonderful healthcare (extreme sarcasm)

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  • Ahhhh.

    Well just read your post and i am glad that you are in more comfort now.

    The Michael Moore documentary on the US Health System.

  • I've only seen the Mcdonalds one..

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  • lol we're going a bit off topic here 😎

  • @metakine:

    I wonder how you're doing. Unfortunately, I was in a very similar condition about 7 years ago (I am 27 now). The good news is, although I don't feel great all the time now, I do feel much, much better than I used to. It seems that the majority of crackers view it as annoying or an inconvenience, but its totally different when you feel like you always have to do it, and are constantly uncomfortable. I remember cracking my neck so much and feeling so bad that I felt like tilting my head to one side and taking a knife and cutting through the tendon or muscle or whatever that was that felt like a tense guitar string in my neck, just to relieve the feeling. I don't know what happened but it did slowly get better. I still crack my spine and neck on a regular basis, as well as my sternum, knuckles, toes, and ribs, and although I usually wake up at least once a night and have to crack my spine and neck just to get somewhat comfortable, my muscles aren't as tense as they used to be and my general quality of life is much better. I still wish there was a better understanding of this stuff in the medical world. I tried my regular doctor, chiropractor, acupuncture, physical therapy, a shrink, X-Rays, MRIS, massage, supplements (glucosamine, chondrotin)… so many different things that when I gradually did start to feel better I couldn't tell who or what caused it or if my body was just naturally adjusting/healing. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that there are others out there with the exact same problem, happening at the same young age, and that there is hope.

    Yeh, i am no professional but slicing anything in the neck is bad.

  • @Notsogreat:

    I'm 28 years old and just as of a few years I've felt intense discomfort. No pain, really, but a pressure build up, I suppose. A sort of warm, dry feeling that demands I crack my joints. At first my upper back, then my neck, followed by my knees.

    It's been getting worse and worse, to the point that I find real pain preferable. I can't sleep at night. I wind up twisting and contorting myself harshly in any way possible just to crack the joint, sometimes even blugenting my back and knees for any sort of relief at all.

    I find that drinking copious amounts of fluid sometimes helps, as does taking multivitamins. But it's not an end all treatment. And there are plenty of nights it doesn't work at all. So I wrench my body as hard as I can, staying up twisting and cracking in the hopes of rest and relief.

    I get no pleasure from joint cracking. It is in no way habitual in the sense that say, biting your nails playing with your hair is. Stopping isn't an option, it gets far too uncomfortable.

    Quite frankly it's getting to the point where I might kill myself to be rid of the condition. I really don't want to. I like life and I have things to do with it, but this condition is driving me in that direction.

    I can't find anything online that looks remotely close, save for this forum.
    It also sounds like something doctors can't diagnose or treat from what I've read.

    Thanks for reading, and any input.

    Well, I am only 22, but I feel the same way. I can't stand it! My older sister started cracking the knuckles in my fingers when i was 5. ('93). When I was 6, I fell and hyperextended my elbow, and ever since have had issues with it. But when it started cracking I was about 9. By then, I was cracking my neck, back, right wrist, left elbow, right ankle, some of my toes, and my b**t bone. :lol:

    But anyway, it has gotten much more serious over the years. I cannot sit in any position comfortably, only catch about a third of the sleep a regular person would get each week. I cannot do any normal activity and has even gotten to the point where I cant stand in the shower at times. I've had thoughts of taking sledge hammers to my knees and paralyzing myself to the point of just having to be in a wheelchair. but then i think screw that! i would be stuck in this chair having to crack everything else and couldnt wheel in to the garage in order to severly damage some other part of my body so I no longer have to deal with the pain.

    My neck, spine, lower back, both hips, both knees, both wrists, both elbows both hands in several ways (+4-6), both ankles all toes in two ways… and on and on... Every joint in my body aches while constantly staying tight and tense and giving me this uncontrollable urge to constantly crack and push and twist and UGGGGHHHH! im sure you know the feeling.

    If you get any beneficial information, or any change in your condition, id really appreciate an update! I'll do the same for you! Or anyone for the sake of not killing ourselves! -not litteral on my end. 🙂

  • @metakine:

    nope, US, with our Wonderful healthcare (extreme sarcasm)

    Jeeezusss tell me about it! We're probrably better off without the insurance rip-offs, i mean, scams, oh dang, im being way to nice on the system.

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