Favourite way to crack knuckles?

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    Which way do you like to crack your knuckles most?

    For me, it's when sometimes my right index finger get's kind of stiff. I stretch the ligaments for a couple seconds, then push down. The base makes a loud pop, and it hurts and feels good at the same time.

  • What I do is put pressure on them, (like squeezing them or pushing them up against something else and kinda like flexing them…. its wierd and it doesnt feel good, but it gets out the tension in them since I write alot

  • You left out "twisting" them…

    This works on the middle knuckle.
    "Grab" a finger: put your left index finger in the space between your right thumb and the inside of your hand. (the 'crotch' where your thumb connects") grab hold of it tightly with your thumb - just the tip of your finger showing. Now quickly twist your left hand towards your body...snap!!!

  • Well, it depends on the finger…..
    For my thumbs, index fingers, and pinky fingers it is by pushing them down. For my middle and ring fingers, it is by pushing them up.

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    Really have no clear favorite here. Depends on my mood.

    I twist, push and pull them all sorts of ways. However, when I really want to crack my finger or toe joints bad there is one sure "fire" way.

    I pull them while wiggling the joint from left to right. This is like the maximum stretch exercise.

    So okay, I'll vote pull. 😄

  • you know how in all those movies, when the cheesy bullies are like "yeah now you're going to get it, you little punk." and they crack their fists? i do it like that. it frightens my dog, so i think i've achieved something.

  • I like pushing them up & down individually. This way I can spend more time cracking my knuckles.

  • I prefer pushing them down. Sometimes I'll push them up, depending on what I'm doing. But pushing them down seems to really make it feel good. :lol: I used to pull all of my fingers out to crack them, and people thought I was wierd. :oops:

  • pushing down was my favourite one, cause I could use my head as an amplifier.
    Just make a pair of fists and lay the lowest part of the front of the fist towards the center of both sides of the head. Like u'r gonna squash your head between ur fists, then make the crack. It sounds lot louder (to others as well) and feels more "personal"

    But most of those joints stopped cracking for some reason… Only the index finger wants to make the noise now, so I have to use the pull and squeezy methods. No fun if you can't get all 4 fingers in succession.

  • None of the above for me folks! Sorry, I'm new here as this is my first post. Been a "cracker" for probably over 30 years now I suppose.

    Anyway, when I pop my knuckles I twist my finger along a imaginary straight line that runs through the middle of my finger lengthwise. It is pureley a twist motion with no bending at all. Gives me a very satisfying crack and I don't have to twist very far so I never hyperextend the joint.

    It has always been my "opinion" that there is no damage done to my joints by cracking them in this manner (twisting). It has always been my goal to find a way to crack my joints in way that does not hyperextend the joint. It is this hyperextension that does the damage to your joint - like pulling your finger all the way back until it pops - your finger wasn't engineered for that!

    Try the twisting thing yourself - my guess is that you will like it. I do my knees and elbows the same way. 😄

  • yeah pushing down is supposed to be good

  • You could push too far.

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