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Welcome to Jointcrackers!

You have just stumbled upon the central place on the net for information, news and discussions about joint cracking!

Do you regularly feel pressure rising in your knuckle, toe, ankle, spine, neck or other joints and just cannot stand not to release it by cracking / creaking / clicking / popping the joint?

Why do I feel that urge? Should I try to stop? Can I stop? Is it dangerous for my health? Should I just ignore it? Why is it doctors are so totally clueless on this topic?

If you can relate to or even answer any of the above questions you have come to the right place! With our combined efforts and experiences we will try to answer all of of the above and many more of such questions. I hope you will benefit from the community exchange here on Jointcrackers.com! Dare to start contributing!

Rules of Conduct

  1. Posts must be joint cracking related in all sections, except the General one.
  2. No derogatory statements about other members in any sections. Nothing that will cause ill feelings between members... this includes derogatory statements about one's choice of cracked joint, cracking preference, politics, age, religion or country of origin.
  3. No SPAM.
  4. Do not link to malware/virus sites.

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Moved host again, relaunch planned
Site Announcements
Due to tragic circumstances our old hoster was closing shop. RIP Gurpreet Virdi!
We are now running on our new host, which has better production PHP settings, so our legacy site can again run smoothly for a while longer. I am now finally starting work on a relaunch on a modern CMS platform. 

Stay tuned!

Posted by Jointcracker on Friday, July 03 @ 15:10:36 UTC (240 reads)
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Site AnnouncementsSince a couple of weeks now, our site is target of spammers mostly linking movie related sites.

Sorry for the mess, I'm committed to regain unhindered community exchange. This site is here to stay and to remain on topic! Massive unrelated spam seriously changes our SEO profile for the worse, preventing real joint crackers from finding this site. We do greatly value on-topic input! The spam must stop.

I will look for a solution with minimized effect on normal usage. Please PM me if you find that any of the current measures limit you in any way. The following list will be updated regarding this ongoing battle against spam. I'll post my current anti-spam research in the "Read More..." section.

Current measures against spam [Update: 2012-09-01]
  • Automated spam moderation: We now have regular automated mechanisms in place which retroactively look for typical spam behavior patterns. If such a pattern is found, the user is automatically banned without warning. I'm sorry that I have had to take this rather drastic measure. Normal users should not be affected by this. Since I'm pretty sure we are dealing mostly with cheap labor human spammers at the moment, please understand I won't publicly disclose the current automated spam pattern analysis, which I will update regularly anyway.
  • More regular manual moderation: I deleted all recent spam topics which caught my eye. Our movie-spammers love "Off-Topic" because they can most easily pretend to be real users there. If anyone feels he / she is up to the task to help me moderate this site, please apply via PM. I'd be happy to hear from you! 
  • Banning of spammers: Any caught spammer will get his registered email and / or IP banned, his topics deleted and his user deleted after one prior warning via PM. If the user has only contributed mindless, content-free "me too" or "niice forum" and spam posts there will be no warning before banning. I will drop such users retroactively, starting today. If you get dropped, you'll know why.
  • Improved login security: I replaced the old captcha with an improved simple layer of registration and login security to hinder spam bot registration and / or logins. My questions should not be too tough for human users. If you can think of any other fun site-related question, please share with me. There are multiple questions which will rotate, you can try as often as you like. If you think I missed a popular answer on any question, please notify me, too. After a few days of observation, the new layer does seem to help after all: Spam bots appear to be stopped (for now), human spammers who followed them started to get tired of posting spam and getting dropped shortly thereafter.
  • HTML disabled: I disabled html in posts to discourage prominent linkage to external spam sites.
  • Post flooding prevention: I doubled the enforced time to wait between posts. No normal user should need to post more than once within 30 seconds.
Posted by JointCracker on Sunday, October 23 @ 08:09:23 UTC (4574 reads)
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Moved to new host
Site AnnouncementsUnfortunately, we have had some trouble with our hosting in the last two years. The old hosts service quality has deteriorated dramatically within the service contract. Fortunately, it didn't get really bad until the very end. So instead of extending our stay...

...we moved to a new, currently much more reliable, innovative and faster host. Should this one slip up over time, we won't have to wait long to move again, thanks to the now monthly plan.

All nameservers should be updated within the next 48 hours. Please post should you encounter any problems.

At the same time security has been tightened up.

Posted by Jointcracker on Thursday, November 15 @ 17:43:26 UTC (5382 reads)
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Pending upgrade [Update 6]
Site AnnouncementsTo move forward with this site I plan to swap the meanwhile outdated PHPNuke CMS architecture with the current top of the line CMS framework Drupal.

Of course I will try to make the transition as smoothly as possible. Stay tuned for exciting new possibilities and much better SEO properties!

Please take part in the currently running poll, so I know your stand on this.

It is amazing how long our sites' old architecture stood it's ground with only minor fixes, it has been almost six years! PHP-Nuke has been a great start but now definitely reached end of life, it is e.g. getting hard to fight off modern spam. It is about time we jump ship. Drupal matured even further after I had the first idea to migrate to it, so now should be a really good opportunity to do just that. I'll start work on this real soon, I'll try to relaunch us as soon as spare time permits. I'll be learning Drupal along the way, this should be a fun ride. 

Posted by JointCracker on Friday, October 20 @ 15:52:22 UTC (5950 reads)
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Registration bots locked out
Site AnnouncementsIn the last couple of weeks a fair number of bots registered at this site with the sole purpose of increasing the page rank of an usually pornographic website. Never mind the futility of this attempt regarding that the memberlist isn't even visible to neither the public nor to spider bots due to privacy reasons.

The easy-access registration loophole has meanwhile been filled and verified. It will take a while until these bots have grown smart enough to bypass the now inevitable counter measures at the regular registration form. Don't worry, only bots will despair here, human users won't even notice any change. :)

As an added positive side effect the "User Info" box is now displaying much more realistic numbers.

There are two pretty reliable indicators for bot users:
- no posts
- website specified

Currently, 76 out of 190 users match this profile. It's in the best interest of this community to purge these very likely bot users from the database before they decide to actually start spamming in the forums.
Of course I might still be in error in a few rare cases. Maybe some fellow jointpopper is just too shy to write anything?

This is why I won't clean up until the 30th of September 2006. Of course any user registering after the 14th September won't have to worry in any case.
If you find yourself in the following list, please send me a private message, post a quick hello or anything. Thanks and sorry for this mess.
Posted by JointCracker on Monday, September 11 @ 17:45:41 UTC (6355 reads)
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Biggest mysteries unraveled?!
Medical ResearchThe SpineCare Chiropractic group posted an article on 5/11/2003 which eluded me so far. hp was so nice to share this link with us.
Check it out now!

I'll quote the summary:

SUMMARY: If you often crack or pop your neck yourself, it probably means that the joints are hypermobile. The ligaments are a bit lax so the joints move a little more than they should. In response, the muscles tighten up to stabilize the joints. This makes your neck feel tight and makes you want to crack it. When you do that, the muscles are momentarily stretched, they relax somewhat, and you feel better for a while. But when you crack your neck you also stretch the loose ligaments further which makes the muscles tighten up again. It’s a vicious cycle.

I dissected this article and distributed all relevant information to the respective forums and threads to enable detailled discussion.

Do your experiences confirm the findings? Where do you differ? Join in on the fray!
Posted by JointCracker on Tuesday, April 25 @ 18:08:21 UTC (7651 reads)
(Read More... | Score: 0)
ResearchPennState Article
Medical ResearchSanjiv Naidu, M.D., Ph.D., a professor of orthopaedics and rehabilitation at the Penn State College of Medicine and an orthopaedic surgeon at Hershey Medical Center posted an interesting article on joint cracking and the risk of permanent damage mentioning our growing community:

Although the actual process of cracking a knuckle may take only a few milliseconds, the relief that some people feel from it is palpable. Chiropractors make a business out of manipulating joints to reduce stress, and dedicated joint-crackers even have their own Web site and discussion board, on which to exchange anecdotes. If you're among them, it's likely that the only consequences you'll face for your popping and snapping will be comments from friends and funny looks from innocent bystanders.

Let's hope what he writes is true and we are really just following a strange hobby of sorts with no underlying physiological root cause. In any case it cannot possible harm to share more anecdotes! :) Read the full article here.

Posted by JointCracker on Tuesday, April 11 @ 03:05:56 UTC (10128 reads)
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Jointcrackers.com launched!
Site Announcements

On Monday 09th January 2006 Jointcrackers.com has finally been launched as the definite site dedicated to Joint cracking! It is hard to believe... but there really was no definite resource until then!

I filled the forum with initial content to get us started. Of course it takes a little while for a new community to establish itself. For this we need you and your experiences. It is easy to register and start posting.

Feel free to reply to existing posts or open new topics as you wish.

I will never ever use any supplied emails for any other purpose than to re-send lost passwords. Of course, I do not block sites like spamgourmet.com for those still paranoid either. The email activation is merely a safe guard against spammers.

Dare to start contributing! Whatever it is, it is highly appreciated. :)

Best regards,

Posted by JointCracker on Monday, January 09 @ 15:01:14 UTC (8292 reads)
(Read More... | Score: 0)
Cracking your back without moving
Medical ResearchFound in Kiffin's Blog at http://www.kiffinsblog.com/archives/2002/07/crackedtycrack.html in a comment from Emma.

The 2004 65th annual American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation conference in Phoenix, Arizona, revealed the development of an upcoming "Traction" device.

"Traction" is like the ultimate back-stretch. The patient is strapped into this machine (very similar to the torture device seen in "The Princess Bride" (1988) - but much more comfortable) and slowly stretched to ease the tension on the lower back, lumbar vertebrate and disks. It feels great. But unfortunately, it didn't make Seth any taller.

This is what the machine looks like:

Discuss in the forums.
Posted by JointCracker on Monday, January 09 @ 05:29:48 UTC (10450 reads)
(Read More... | Score: 0)
JointCrackingKiffin's blog has one entry from 2002 which accumulated many testimonials of Jointcrackers which encouraged me to start this web community. Due to a lack for better words I'll quote the initial post in full:

Let's see now, how many joints of my body can I crack? A whole lot, that's for sure. Well, there are my eight fingers and my two thumbs, that's ten, two extra low dull cracks per thumb and three additional snaps for each finger (two sideways and one downward), that's twenty-six more thus thirty-six total. Then come my two elbows, two knee caps, twice the metacarpals of my feet, two big toes and the other eight toes, that's sixteen more joints bringing the total to fifty-two cracks. My back at three places, fifty-five. And then there is my neck, three (sometimes four) wonderful release cracks like a machine gun going off. Sixty-one (sometimes sixty-three). There are also a number of micro-cracks sometimes available by twisting my pinkies and/or ring fingers a certain way. Okay, on average ten extra micro-cracks totaling to one good full crack making it sixty-four. Sometimes sixty-five that is. That's a good many cracks per cycle. Over a good day I can repeat this sixty-four crack cycle perhaps let's say eight times bring a grand total of five hundred twelve cracks. On occasion I can even crack the cartilage of my nose, does that count? Make that five hundred thirteen cracks total then. Hard to believe that there are some people out there who rarely have a single crack in a day nor in a week nor rarely ever. And then when a finger is accidentally bent too far back and cracks, these people scream in subdued pain and disgust as if cracking one's knuckles is a terrible thing to let happen.
So what is knuckle cracking anyway? According to the article Do people who crack their knuckles get arthritis? it says:

"The mechanism by which clicking noises can be produced by extreme pulling, twisting, flexion, or extension of joints is well established. When a joint is deformed in this way, the pressure in the joint space decreased, and a CO2 filled cavity forms in the synovial fluid. The pressure in the cavity is lower than that in the surrounding fluid, so the fluid quickly rushes into the cavity. This sudden implosion of the cavity is thought to be what causes the distasteful cracking sound. Interestingly, tiny bubbles of CO2 remain in the synovial fluid, taking about 15 minutes to be reabsorbed. This explains why a knuckle cannot be recracked immediately."

Each crack feels really really good, as if I am addicted to some cracking drug, but the pleasures last no more than a second or two, including the after effects. Crack, yes, all gone, for a time at least. For each joint that cracks one has to wait around ten minutes before the next time it can be cracked, but the longer you wait the better the crack. The first crack is always by far the best, with each following crack less fulfilling depending on how long you wait in-between cracks. Stop that, stop cracking your knuckles! Sorry, I cannot help it. I am tensed up inside, I am restless, I am insecure and so it is necessary to crack every single possible metacarpophalangeal and interphalangeal joint in my body that is even remotely possible to crack. When I was around ten or so I learned for the first time that I could crack my fingers. What a major discovery that was. Almost as good as the day I first learned to burp on command. Slowly this cracking urge spread to the other parts of my body. Something one is born with and in adolescence comes into fulfillment, you might say. When I wake up, especially from a long deep motionless slumber, my stiffness thaws and then explodes with all kinds of random cracks whichever way I move, twist or turn. Like an ice-breaker crackling through the frozen sea of the morning. Crack, crack, snap and pop.
Crack my knuckles

Please feel free to discuss joint cracking in the forums!

Posted by JointCracker on Monday, January 09 @ 04:26:47 UTC (10154 reads)
(Read More... | Score: 4.5)
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